Bamf Producciones is an audiovisual agency and film production company from Barcelona.

Associated with publishing and illustration services agency Estudio FénixBamf Producciones was born with the aim of offering its services to the customers shared by those two companies, while at the same time incubating a more creative area with the production of documentaries and fiction films.

The synergies created this way provide our customers with the chance to work with professionals from the fields of illustration, comic, writing, photography and photo retouching, as well as, of course, a great team of graphic designers



At Bamf Producciones we provide our customers with comprehensive development of commercials—from the creative stage, storyboarding, production, shooting, postproduction to the final delivery of a broadcast copy. We can also limit our work strictly to the production stage of the commercial while working in coordination with an external creative agency.

On a more granular basis, we also make our photography and filming equipment and staff available for any kind of advertising action.

Finally, as an independent documentary producer, Bamf Producciones is able to create corporate and industrial videos, or develop a full line of advertisments based on this format.